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Reible Dibash
Reible Dibash Radionic Astral Kundalbini Maven

33 years old
Avalon, California
United States

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GeneralRadionics, Design and analysis

MusicI'm cute, I'm cute I know I know that I am cute

Called myself on the telephone just to see if I was home. Asked myself on a date; gotta be ready by half past eight.

I'm cute, I'm cute I know I know that I am cute

Took myself to the movies grand, just to hold my little hand. Held myself around the waist and when I got fresh I slapped my face.

I'm cute, I'm cute I know I know that I am cute
MoviesMarital Situation: Married My husband works too hard in my opinion. When he gets home he just wants to sit and watch sports on TV. He never wants to go out and have fun anymore. I need to feel young again and go have some fun. What I'm Seeking: I'm looking for someone who would take me out for the night and have a nice dinner then maybe go dancing. I need a fun and energentic person who can handle my energy.
BooksRADIONIC SOFT SYSTEM v4. includes a database for your client's data. A sending waves system that you can configure with values for width of waves, length of waves, etc. You can also employ, our exclusive method to send complex variable waves from geometric multicolor forms, through this way the waves act quickly. To obtain sending values you can act through any of these fourth ways: 1) Through pendulum help 2) Searching direct values in the database (herbal, essences, gems, homeopathy, etc) 3) Random 4) By 'adding selection' from your intuition (our exclusive new method) than obtain the value easily.
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Hometown:Sothern California
Body type:5' 5" / Slim / Slender
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Smoke / Drink:No / No
Education:College graduate
Occupation:Graduate Student
Income:$45,000 to $60,000

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About me:

The most powerful metaphysical tool ever created.

The FARKEN ™ is probably the most powerful metaphysical tool ever created and its capabilities are only limited by the power of the user's imagination. By developing and building on the many hours of serious academic research carried out by pioneers in the field of radionics and radiesthesia ,we have designed and created a modern day version of the fabled 'Ark Of The Covenant' ,which has been alleged by several serious researchers to have been a psychotronic device, ie an advanced mind controlled machine capable of harnessing and directing human intent. It is an established historical fact that Moses, the overseer of the creation of the original 'Ark Of The Covenant' was a high initiate into the esoteric science of the Egyptian priesthood who were claimed to have received their technological secrets from their predecessors, The atlanteans.

This science of conscious interaction of the human mind with the material universe has always been kept secret ,and because of the responsibility that is naturally associated with such tremendous power ,it has always been claimed by the highest initiates and deliberately withheld from the masses ,who are deemed to be unworthy. The Ark therefore is an advanced modern day radionics wishing machine designed to allow the user to direct his prayer or intent to the heart of the cosmos, altering the subtle structure of the microcosmic universe in the process, which ultimately leads to real tangible change in the macrocosmic universe.(everyday material world) The Ark is a device of incredibly profound power and allows the user to harness his divine creative abilities to become a cosmic co-creator with all the responsibility that the role brings.

What Is Radionics?

Radionics is concerned with the context of control fields and “subtle energies”. The term “subtle energies” refers in this context to those forms of energy which cannot presently be objectively (physically) measured, because they are signals of very low amplitude which are masked due to the component “noise” of electrical equipment). In the course of time, however, various subjective methods have been developed, such as radiesthesia, kinesiology, RAC, electro-acupuncture etc, by means of which it is possible to perform reproducible measurements in this context.

Radionics was first discovered a century ago by several pioneers in the field of subtle energy medicine. It is a technology that involves concious human interaction with subtle energy fields. This technology allows the operator to project at any distance energy (life force) and conciously and precisely direct intent (trends). Radionics can be used to project energy and specific intent (trends) to oneself and others. Because of this fact, The ark ™ is an extremely powerful metaphysical tool in the hands of its operator.

Using The FARKEN ™ concious projection of intent is possible and causal engineering ,the manifestation of ones intent becomes possible.Because everything that exists in the material universe resonates at a specific frequency it is possible through the use of The Ark ™ to tune into a particular required frequency (rate) of the desired effect and utilise it in the radionic procedure. The Ark ™ can also be tuned to the frequency (rate) of the specific target ,ie the recipient of the desired energies and by creating an ethereal structural link in the microcosm of The Ark ™ we affect the structure of the macrocosmic universe,ie the material world as we know it.

The science of radionics explains in a rational and scientific fashion how unexplained phenomena like magick, prayer ,distant healing and other shamanistic practices can often miraculously break recognised natural laws.

The technology of Radionics can be explained as a direct consequence of the characteristics of life force, its transfer at any distance by way of structural links and its negative entropy!

Using The FARKEN ™ one link is created which connects with the trend (the desired result )while the other link connects with the target. Both links being in the same location (the device), a subtle connection is created between trend and target. With this connection between trend and target achieved, the trend energy will define actions of the target person.

What is possible using The FARKEN™ ?

Popular radionics applications of The FARKEN™ include
  • 1. Enhancement of physical strength and health.
  • 2. Improving energy levels and stamina.
  • 3. Attracting success, prosperity and financial abundance into ones life.
  • 4. Increasing the chances of career success.
  • 5. Self improvement, reversal of aging.
  • 6. Relaxation and elimination of stress.
  • 7. Improvement of self esteem and confidence levels.
  • 8. Influencing the outcome of challenging situations.
  • 9. Distant healing.
  • 10. Improving personal and professional relationships.
  • 11. Enhancement of athletic and sports skills.
  • 12. Attract romantic love or your true soul mate.
  • 13. Happiness etc.

Typical Chakra tuning Chart

We have designed the Chakralilliac with the appropriate circuitry to tune your Chakras.
Have your Chakra tuned with our Chakralilliac

Who I'd like to meet:

Beware Empty Radionics Boxes

ARK COVER This is the outside of the "ARK" sold on ebay. It looks like a nicely built radionic box that might work according to known Radionic principles.


But when we open the "ARK" we find that there is no circuitry at all. We assure you that all our radionic devices are chock full of serious circuits that have been proven to work!

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